I am a huge technology geek. I love trying new apps, new gadgets and the like.

Last week, I was doing my weekly search on new apps when I ran into an organizing app called doo.

I sauntered on over to their website to take a look to learn what they do at doo. I’m a sucker for videos because I can just sit back, listen to what they have to say, see all the great screen shots, and experience it before having to go and download the app. The product videos are like cliff notes for me.

Music in product videos










Unfortunately, doo|Every Document of Your Life, represents an example of what not to do with music in your product videos.

Using the right music in your product video can make or break your message!

The Most Important Music Usage Tip You Need To Know For Your Product Video

  • Do not use music with words/lyrics when you are displaying product words or showing in detail how something works.

Now, I could get really complicated with the details on how to pick music to accompany a video based on the objective of the video, but instead I’m going to stick solely to language here.

The reason not to use music with lyrics in product videos is because the lyrics draw upon the same language centers of the brain that reading calls upon. The two main parts of the brain associated with language are Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area, the former of which is found in the temporal lobe while the latter is in the frontal lobe. 

Can you watch this once and tell me the details of what doo does and how it works?

Mailbox almost crossed the line with their use of lyrics in a marketing video. But take a look, this one is different.

Yes, you have lyrics, but their process is defined by visuals only. They do show emails, which have words on them, but the process is ultimately displayed as a visual experience. I’ll admit, when I watched this a couple of months ago I had to watch it twice because of the lyrics but they do a pretty good job of trying to keep the process of the app to a visual experience.

In order to use songs with lyrics in marketing videos that require you to read it’s better to present the words of the product either when there’s a break between the lyrics or when a word is sustained and has already been processed by the brain.

Ya gotta sync it properly.

The other choice is to not use lyrics at all.